"Deep down in your thoughts you'll find your own Soliloquies."

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

"Soliloquies" is the new single by Skruuul. Read more below and take an

exclusive look in the project file!

The cover for my single Soliloquies.

Soliloquies are something special and mysterios. When I was young and in the kindergarten I often used to talk to myself in my head. But I never asked who is this voice in my head?

Was it me? Was it god?

An advertising poster for Soliloquies.

"I didn't know that "Selbstgespräche" means "Soliloquies" in english. I really love this word!"

Everybody got this mysterios voice inside their heads. Nobody knows why but is definitly a important task for our consciousness. My new single "Soliloquies" is dedicated to this. I hope you like it! I hope you can read and understand your own Soliloquies as good as I do, because I think it's very important!

The first look when I open the project file.

I spent 26 hours and 33 minutes on this song. This is the main file.

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