"Music is the voice of our universe."

Who are uuu?

The German music producer Nick, mainly known as Skruuul is an 19-year-old artist from Saxony from the Ore Mountains.


He started recording little beats at the age of 11. Due to a disability he often retired & had a lot of problems with friends and found his strengths elsewhere.

He was inspired by the "Tomorrowland 2012 Aftermovie" and shortly after began to produce his own full songs.

During the school weeks, he secretly made music almost every night and understood the art of making unique sounds.

Based on his idol DJ Snake, he learned what good music means to him.


His first breakthrough came in 2017. His single "New York City" was the 2nd place at the "Newcomer Uptraxx" from Radio Sunshine Live from Berlin & was played live in the radio.


Numerous remixes followed which he produced and released on his YouTube Channel.


"Music is the voice of our universe."

is Skruuul's very own quote. 

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